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Student Resources

You are student in the Forensic Program, what now?
Here are a few short suggestions to get you started on a successful career in forensic science:

  • Become a student member of a forensic professional organization. See Professional Information.
  • It is never too early to begin crafting your resume. UNT has a Career Center that can help you write a professional scientific resume and cover letter. The Career Center has Career Development Specialist assigned by academic college to assist in helping you build your resume, network, prepare for interviews, internships, and much more.
  • Begin searching for internship opportunities right away. Even though you will not complete an internship until your junior or senior year, it is a good idea to start networking.
  • Be mindful of your social media presence by checking your content and privacy settings. It's also a good idea to start a professional LinkedIn page and adopt a professional email address that just uses your name (no hobbies, pets, etc.).
  • Don't forget we have a UNT Forensic Club you can join which can also encourage and help you become a professional in the forensic science field.
  • And finally! If you have any questions or need help, email us at or schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.