Dr. Charlie Williams | Forensic Science Program

Dr. Charlie Williams

Senior Lecturer / Forensic Program Co-Director
CHEM 263, CHEM 207
Faculty Advisor for students in Forensic Science Program
Areas of Interest: Analytical Chemistry, Toxicology
Courses taught: CHEM 3330, CHEM 4360, CHEM 3451/3452, CHEM 4351, CHEM/BIOL 4900

Dr. Charlie Williams CV


If you'd like to meet with me outside of the normal course selection advising campaign that is sent out each semester, you may do so by making an appointment through Navigate at least 24 hours in advance.

You may also visit my office hours (see below).

If these times conflict with your other responsibilities, you may email forensic@unt.edu with your available times to request a meeting that works for you.

Office Hours

Fall 2023

Location: CHEM 263 or CHEM 207

Schedule: MF 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Please note - students currently enrolled in my classes will generally be prioritized during this time, but all Forensic Science students are welcome to stop in.

Capstone Thesis Mentoring

If you are interested in working with me to write a capstone thesis paper in lieu of an internship or undergraduate research, you must set up an appointment or visit my office hours for an informal interview before I will agree to mentor you.

Questions To Prepare

  • Why have you chosen this over an internship or research?
  • What general topics are you interested in writing about?
  • What are your expectations and needs from a thesis mentor?
    • Do you need/want training on using literature databases?
    • Do you need/want training on using a reference manager?
    • How frequently do you think we should meet? (Do you need help staying on track or are you disciplined enough to meet multiple objectives between meetings?)