Admissions | Forensic Science Program


We offer a FEPAC accredited B.Sc. in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry where you will take courses to fulfill a FEPAC accredited concentration in Forensic Science.

Students wishing to obtain a B.Sc. in chemistry, biology or biochemistry with a Forensic Science Concentration should complete the application form. The student must realize that this form in no way serves as an application to the University; it is an application for consideration for admission into this program only. Please read the important information section below before filling out this form.

Application process

1. Be accepted into UNT.

2. Fill out and send in the Application form, including any additional requirements needed by the due date online.

3. Selected applicants will be brought in for an interview.

4. Final decisions are made after all interviews are complete.

Please note that all the applications will be reviewed after the Application Deadline. Applications can be sent us visa mail, email or submitted at the office. Our contact information can be found at the Contact Us Page.

Additional Requirements for a competitive application:

  • You must be accepted into your major to be considered for our program (no pre-COS majors).
  • Minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA is required for Transfer, Post Baccalaureate, and Current Students.
  • At least 8-12 credit hours of STEM coursework should be completed to be able to reflect on your transcript for current and transfer students.
  • Entering freshman must have their science teacher forward a letter of recommendation to the address given below, and must plan to take the SAT or ACT tests (Verbal and Quantitative) and send the scores to the Forensic Science Program Office.

Important Information

Students who are considering this major should be aware that employment in a forensic related field requires an extensive background check. Components of this check may include any or all of the following:

  • Background Checks (criminal and driving records)
  • Polygraph Tests (checking unethical behavior)
  • Credit Checks (issues relating to excessive debt of defaults)
  • Drug Tests (to check for drug usage)
  • Interviews of Friends and Family

If there are problems in any of these areas, a career in forensic science may be unlikely, and the student may need to consider a different major. If you have questions about this, you should contact the agency or lab in which you hope to gain employment and request their policies.

Background checks may also be required for the internships offered through this program. If you have any questions, please contact the program director.