Mission Statement | Forensic Science Program

Mission Statement

The University of North Texas is the largest and most comprehensive research and doctoral degree-granting institution in the North Texas area and the flagship of the UNT System. The University is committed to excellence in teaching and the discovery and application of knowledge through research and creative activities. As an educational component of the university, the Forensic Science Program strives to:

  • Assure a complete and rigorous curriculum designed to develop undergraduate students' understanding of the field of forensic science, critical thinking, and laboratory experience,
  • Review and update scientific content and forensic techniques to ensure the incorporation of current forensic practices in the curriculum,
  • Involve students in active inquiry and scholarship, developing a research mind set and desire for continuation within the field,
  • Foster learning in a community environment through multiple avenues including undergraduate research and internship opportunities, and
  • Encourage student involvement in professional societies to enhance appreciation of chosen field.

The university is committed to a Forensic Science Program that reflects these educational standards and intends to develop an undergraduate program that is nationally known.

Dr. Teresa D. Golden,
Forensic Science Program Director