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About Us

The undergraduate program in Forensic Science at the University of North Texas offers a strong curriculum based on the Natural Science Program that have been in place for over 50 years. In addition, the Forensic Science Program has well defined goals that are supported by the forensic based coursework that forms the core of the program. Overall, the Forensic Science curriculum ensures that each student:

  • Obtains a thorough grounding in the natural sciences,
  • Builds upon this background by taking a series of more advanced science classes, and
  • Develops, through course work and laboratory-based instruction, an appreciation of issues specific to forensic science.

The University of North Texas offers three tracks within the Forensic Science Program. The undergraduate degree is consider to be an interdisciplinary degree and has associated with it extensive laboratory work in both biology and chemistry regardless of the core track. The Forensic Science Program offers 19 semester hours in forensic science coursework that covers the following topics: courtroom testimony; introduction to law; quality assurance; ethics, professional practice, background; evidence identification, collection, processing; and a survey of forensic science as well as classes in forensic chemistry, forensic biology, physical methods, and forensic microscopy: some contain a laboratory component. Forensic science internships and research opportunities are also available to students.