University of North Texas Forensic Science Program
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The UNT Forensic Science Program includes course and laboratory work across several departments:
Biology Building Photograph
The Department of Biological Sciences is located in the Biology Building on campus with additional labs in the Environmental Sciences Building and Science Research Building. Extensive resources and up to date facilities are available in the classroom and the laboratory.
Chemistry Building
The Department of Chemistry is located on the corner of Mulberry and Avenue C, with additional research facilities in the Science Research Building and Hickory Hall. The Chemistry department houses a wide variety of research instrumentation available for undergraduate labs and research. These include spectrometers, gas and liquid chromatographic instruments, and complete Mass spec, X-ray and NMR facilities, along with various electrochemical instruments.

The Department of Criminal Justice is located in Chilton Hall and houses a wide range of microscopes, balances, light sources, collection units, and fingerprint equipment. Students are given exercises to complete in the criminalistics lab for various courses.

Both chemistry and biology offer a variety of research opportunities for undergraduate students in the program.

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