University of North Texas Forensic Science Program
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Name Department Area Courses Taught
Dr. William Acree, Professor Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Forensic Research (CHEM 4912)
Dr. Robert Benjamin, Associate Professor Biological Sciences Molecular Biology Forensic Molecular Biology (BIOL 4590)
Dr. Teresa Golden, Director of Forensic Science Program Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 4631/4632) Forensic Research (CHEM 4912)
Dr. Harrell Gill-King, Director of Institute of Forensic Anthropology Biological Sciences Anthropology Biomedical Criminalistics (BIOL 3331)
Dr. Guido Verbeck, Associate Professor Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Forensic Chemistry (CHEM 4351) and Forensic Research (CHEM 4912)
Richard Ernest, Adjunct Professor Biological Sciences Forensic Science Forensic Microscopy (BIOL 4240) and Forensic Research (4900)
Robert Wall Criminal Justice Crime Scene Investigations Criminal Investigations (CJUS 4360) and Introduction to Criminalistics (CJUS 3330)
Dr. Lon Turnbull Biological Sciences Forensic Microscopy Forensic Microscopy (BIOL 4240)
Mark Moyle,  Criminal Justice Criminalistics Criminal Investigations (CJUS 4360)
Peggy Tobolowsky, J.D. Criminal Justice Criminal Law Criminal Law (CJUS 3201) and Soc. Problems (CJUS 4250)

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