University of North Texas Forensic Science Program
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Transfer Students

Students wanting to enter the Forensic Science Program must first be accepted into the university and then apply for acceptance into the Forensic Science Program. 

All students must meet the math requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences before being admitted into the program.

If you will be attending UNT as a transfer student and want to apply for admission into the Forensic Science Program, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Fill out an application. The application can be downloaded from the Admissions tab on this website or picked up in the Forensic Science Program Office located in the Chemistry Building, Room 207B. You must include with your application official copies of your transcripts from the previous colleges/universities you have attended.

  2. Send the completed application to the Forensic Science Program Office before the deadline listed on the website. 

  3. You will be contacted to schedule an appointment to interview with the Forensic Science Program Director, Dr. Teresa Golden. Please bring your transcript with you to the interview from the college or university from which you are transferring if you did not already send it in with your application.

  4. Attend one of the UNT orientations for transfer students and meet with the Forensic Science Program Director for an interview. To get more information about the orientations or to register to attend an orientation, go to

  5. If accepted into the program, set up an appointment for degree plan advising with the Forensic Science Program Director and the appropriate departmental advisor. This must be done each year until graduation.

  6. To continue in the program, students must maintain a grade point average of 2.75 and obtain a C or better in all forensic science courses and in organic chemistry.

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