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UNT Forensic Program Faculty Highlights

Dr. Guido Verbeck

Dr. Verbeck is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and teaches forensic chemistry for our program. In addition, he teaches a graduate level analytical chemistry course. Dr. Verbeck received his PhD from Texas A&M University in 2004. While at UNT, Dr. Verbeck won the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Award for the "Development of Novel Preparative Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation for the Advancement of New Materials and Nanofabrication."

As well as teaching, Dr. Verbeck has published several papers and patents and has given many presentations. Some interesting forensic publications:

Mach, P.M.; McBride, E.M.; Sasiene, Z.J.; Brigance, K.R.; Kennard, S.K.; Wright, K.C.; Verbeck, G.F., “Vehicle-Mounted Portable Mass Spectrometry System for the Covert Detection via Spatial Analysis of Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratories”, Anal. Chem., 87 (2015) 11501-11508.

Huynh, V; Williams, K.C.; Golden, T.D.; Verbeck, G.F., “Investigation of Falsified Documents via Direct Analyte Probe Nanoextraction coupled to Nanospray Mass Spectrometry, Fluorescence Microscopy, and Raman Spectroscopy”, Analyst., 140 (2015) 6553-6562.

Nnaji, C.; Williams, K.C; Bishop J.M.; Verbeck, G.F., “Using Hydrogen as GC/MS carrier and buffer gas to analyze energetic materials and illicit drugs.”, Sci. & Just..55 (2015) 162-167.

Clemons, K; Kretsch, A.; Verbeck, G.F.,  “Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay for Blood-Brain Permeability Determination of Illicit Drugs and Synthetic Analogues”Sci. Justice., 54 (2014) 351-355.

Walton, B.L.; Verbeck, G.F., “Soft-Landing Ion Mobility of Silver Clusters for Small Molecule MALDI-MS and Imaging of Latent Fingerprints”, Anal. Chem., 86 (2014) 8114-8120.

Huynh, V; Joshi, U.; Leveille, J.M.; Golden, T.D.; Verbeck, G.F., “Nanomanipulation-Coupled to Nanospray Mass Spectrometry Applied to Document and Ink Analysis”, For. Sci. Int. 242 (2014) 150-156.

Clemons, K.; Dake, J.; Sisco, E.; Verbeck, G.F.; “Trace analysis of energetic materials via direct analyte-probed nanoextraction coupled to direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry”, For. Sci. Int., 231 (2013) 98.

Dr. Verbeck is currently directing undergraduate and graduate students. His research interests lie in novel instrument development in mass spectrometry and ion optical devices in the areas of preparative mass spectrometry, miniaturization, and sample collection.

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