University of North Texas Forensic Science Program
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UNT Forensic Program Alumni Highlights

Lexie Moser 

Lexie Moser graduated from UNT Spring of 2014. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology with Minors in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. She completed the program and obtained her Forensic Science Certificate, along with the Criminalistics Certificate from the Department of Criminal Justice.  

While at UNT, Lexie served as year as President and as the Community Public Relations Officer for the UNT Forensic Science Club. She was also a Residence Hall Representative for Bruce Hall on the UNT Campus. She also participated and helped organize several CSI Family Day's at The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. 

She currently serves as the Quality Assurance Manager and Evidence Technician/Examiner in Training for Alliance Forensic Laboratory in Fort Worth, Texas.

Here is a quote from Lexie about her experience in the UNT Forensic Science Program:
"While I learned many invaluble skills that I utilize in my career today, the biggest asset I gained from the program is the ability to network with other professionals. Being in the program opens doors for many different career options, whether you want to pursue a career in forensics or not. This program teaches you critical thinking skills and how to apply them."

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